Landscape II by Carlos A. Angeles

I bought this today from the university press. I know I was supposed to be in class, I’m supposed to be doing homework or some other school-uppity stuff. But this is important. The world could wait.

Landscape II
Carlos A. Angeles

Sun in the knifed horizon bleeds the sky
Spilling a peacock stain upon the sands,
Across some murdered rocks refused to die.
It is your absence touches my sad hands
Blinded like flags in the wreck of air.

And catacombs of cloud enshroud the cool
And calm involvement of the darkened plains,
The stunted mourners here: and here, a full
And universal tenderness which drains
The sucked and golden breath of sky comes bare.

Now, while the dark basins the void of space,
Some sudden crickets, ambushing me near,
Discover vowels of your whispered face
And subtly cry. I touch your absence here
Remembering the speeches of your hair.

This is from A Bruise of Ashes: Collected Poems, 1940-1992 by Carlos A. Angeles, published by Ateneo de Manila University Press, 1993.



  1. the poem tells about the emotions that the landscape evokes in the speaker. the diction used to describe the landscape is violent and sad which means the speaker could be feeling sad and violent because of someone who is no longer around. that someone could be a lover whom the speaker used to share before the beauty of the landscape .

  2. somehow a difficult poem but along the way as one reads, it shows sadness and gloom losing a loved one… and this relates to my own life losing s dear son in an accident.

  3. The reader should be linguists of imagination to understand the poem. Go back to figures of speech and symbolism. Then you would know that the poet is sad and hurting for a loved-one has passed away. The symbols are expresses death.

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